If you have ever switched on your TV during the day you will be familiar with the many advertisements offering you a ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreement if you make a personal injury claim with them, but is it really as simple as it sounds?
A no win, no fee agreement is really called a Contingency Fee Agreement or a CFA. This agreement is designed to lay down a contract between you and your solicitor about their legal costs and also your responsibility for the legal costs of the other side if you lose.
Ai??At Bains & Co Solicitors we are upfront and transparent about costs we offer a no win, no fee arrangement to fund your case. This means that only if we win your case will you be required to pay us our fees and disbursements. If you win you will get at the very least 75 % of the compensation. If you lose your claim you do not have to pay for anything. This includes not having to pay for disbursements.
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