We have broken the claims process down into stages please refer to stages below.
  • We first review the information that you have provided us either online or by telephone.
  • The next stage would be that you would be contacted by a solicitor who would ask you questions about your claim and answer any questions you may have.
  • We would then investigate your case, this would involve getting detail information from you about what happened leading up to the incident. Generally in order to be entitled to compensation the incident must have occurred within 3 years from the time of your claim. At this stage we may in addition to any other information that we seek, have to obtain photos, witness statements from people who saw the incident and reports from the police.
  • Once we have received this information we would determine if you have a valid claim.
  • If you have a valid claim, then we would lodge the claim on your behalf.
  • We would as and when thereafter obtain any necessary police report, medical reports about your injuries etc.
  • If an offer is made we shall consider the offer and if need be liase with the criminal injuries componsation authority.
  • Should we be satisfied with the offer then arrangements shall be made for you to accept the offer.
  • Should the offer or decision not be accepted then we shall consider lodging an appeal (refered to review) and/or appeal to the criminal injuries compensation tribunal court.
  • Once an agreement has been reachedAi?? you will receive a cheque for the compensation you are entitled to.
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