What You Must Prove for Your Claim to be Successful ?

It is important to recognise that even in what appears to be the simplest of accidents it is not always possible to establish that someone was at fault.
The purpose of investigating your claim is to look at who is to blame and why. In a nutshell evidence will have to be collected and provided which shows that you were not at fault.
This may involve collecting evidence such as statements from you, statements from witnesses, documents and official reports (for example, from the police if you were injured in a road traffic accident).
Remember – the most important witness is you! If your claim is going forward, in addition to the medical evidence, we will require information from you and may wish to see you to take a statement. Be sure that you have recorded all the details of your accident or injury and provide us with as much information as possible.
If you have witnesses to support your claim make sure they are willing to provide a statement to us along with their contact details. Warn them that the solicitor will be getting in touch with them.
People do not always reply promptly and there are often delays in the releasing of reports or in responses from potential witnesses. You will therefore appreciate that investigations can take several months to complete, particularly if we need to obtain official reports.
It is also important to retain receipts for any expenses you may incur which, but for the accident, you would not have had. These will assist us in trying to reclaim these expenses as part of your settlement.
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