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Games Workshop Warhammer 40k - Adepta Sororitas Battleforce : Mission Purgatos

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November 20th 2021 – Unlikely, it’s too soon and we know we still have Shadow Throne coming this year.

Godwyn-De'az Storm Bolter - The Storm Bolter used by servants of the Ecclesiarchy are not drastically unlike those used by throne agents. Firing bolt rounds at a greatly increased rate of fire, this weapon requires two hands to operate and is essentially two bolters firing in synchronised bursts. Its high rate of ammunition consumption makes the weapon impractical in many situations but few would argue with the results that such a powerful symbol of faith can have. This one is guesswork like usual, with only a few weeks left until Xmas, there aren’t many Saturdays left. Both the 19th and 26th of November. And then the 3rd, 12th and 19th of December. The Revenant Legion is headed up by a bloodthirsty Vengorian Lord and a cadre of noble Blood Knights who lead bone-crushing charges as their foes are swarmed by hordes of freshly risen skeletons and zombies. This box makes it easier than ever to gorge yourself on the blood of your foes. It is interesting that the two space marine boxes have different artwork to the rest, does this suggest they are more than battle boxes? My hope is that they are part of an ongoing range. After all, each would be a great starting box for both Imperial Fists and Raven Guard. She is a paragon amongst the Sisters of Battle, armed with a fearsome blade that cuts through foes like butter. You might also recognise her as the star of the original 2nd Edition Sisters of Battle Codex cover.

Let me know what you think in the comments, we’ll update you when we know more. Warhammer 40,000 2021 Battleforce Boxes – Price & Savings Onto this doom-laden stage stepped the insane Goge Vandire, the 361 st Master of the Administratum, a position he had attained by the ruthless application of bribes, threats and outright assassination. A strident opponent of the Ministorum, Vandire had plotted against it for many standard years. The Space Marines, believing Vandire to be only protected by legions of zealous but ineffective Frateris Templar troops, launched one of their trademark lightning Drop Pod assaults. However, once on the ground, the Astartes found to their dismay that they had grossly underestimated the opposition. Facing them were a corps of superbly trained warrior women, clad in Power Armour and wielding Bolters, who fought with a passion remarkable even to their Astartes opponents and stood their ground to the last woman, fearless and fanatical in the belief that they were protecting the Emperor Himself. This clutch of Knights is a perfectly sized army project – it’s just a handful of miniatures, after all… The Chainbreaker Lance contains four Armiger-class knights led by Canis Rex, a legendary steed piloted by the equally epic Sir Hekhtur. For those of a less Freeblade persuasion, Canis Rex can also be constructed as any Questoris-class Knight.

The exact details of this agreement have never been revealed, but some believe it to be linked to the knowledge imparted to Alicia Dominica and her companions before the Golden Throne. That such knowledge could be so dire as to bind the two organisations so formally is testament to the weight of the task with which the Adepta Sororitas and the Ordo Hereticus are burdened. Early in his tyrannical rule, Vandire's agent sent him word of a unique sisterhood of warrior-women living on the little known Agri-world of San Leor. Hearing of their ascetic way of life, their utter dedication to the Emperor, and in particular their skills at arms, Vandire decided that he would make a formal visit to the secluded convent of the "Daughters of the Emperor."Once again, No Ultramarines? Well, that’s kinda smart because technically both this box and the box above can be used by any Space Marine Faction. Though the individual characters and the Chapter Specific Upgrades spure here, slightly deter anyone looking to simply bolster another Space Marine force on a budget.

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