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The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor

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The same goes for oxygen. EZ also has more oxygen than H 2O, and when you increase oxygen content, you get more EZ water. So, hyperbaric treatment builds EZ water in your body, particularly in injured areas where EZ water is needed.

Dr. Gerald Pollack | Scientist Verifies H3O2, EZ Water Acts Dr. Gerald Pollack | Scientist Verifies H3O2, EZ Water Acts

Antioxidents — Most of the tissues in our body are negative. Our cells are a negative charge; oxidants are a positive charge. Antioxidents maintain the negative charge in our body. Glacial melt — ice turns into Structured Water (EZ water) when melting . . . The phase between liquid and solid is structured water. EZ-water is not a breakthrough. It is not new, nor is it valid. This appears to be one of the many claims about the healthful benefits of drinking " ionized water". A water ionizer electrolyzes water, which requires electricity (not light as suggested by Mercola). I had the good fortune to be involved in the testing and dismantling of one of these ionizers recently. The device claimed to take ordinary tap water and convert it to a "super-cleaning solution that contained only negatively charged oxygen particles" or something like that. From experiments:Your body consists of over 99 percent water molecules, but the water in your cells is not regular water, but highly structured water with special properties Glacial melt is a perfect way to get EZ water. And a lot of people have known that this water is really good for your health, Besides optimizing the water you drink, you can help generate an electron surplus, or support this negative charge within your body, simply by connecting to the Earth, which also has a negative charge. This is the basis of the earthing or grounding technique, which has been shown to have significant health benefits by allowing the transfer of negatively charged electrons from the ground into the soles of your feet. In a sense, it’s as though your cells are built like batteries that are naturally recharged by spending time outdoors—whether sunny or overcast, and walking barefoot, connecting to the negative charge of the earth! We found that if we put a simple tube, like a straw, made of hydrophilic material, in water... there’s water flow through the tube at high speed. This happens spontaneously. But it shouldn’t happen spontaneously. The common idea is that if you want to drive fluid through a pipe or tube, you need to apply pressure. But we have no pressure here. There’s no pressure difference between the input and output. But flow builds up spontaneously, and it keeps going. One reason why infrared saunas make you feel so good is because your body’s cells are deeply penetrated by infrared energy, which builds and stores structured water. The same goes for light therapy, spending time in the sun, and laser therapy

The Science Behind 4th Phase (Structured) Water - Dr

That raises the question: where does this negativity come from? Well, I think the negativity comes from the water, because the EZ water inside the cell has a negative charge. The same is true of the gel–the EZ water in the gel confers negativity. I think the cells are negatively charged because the water inside the cell is mainly EZ water and not neutral H 2O.”


The results are in. We think we understand the mechanism as to why hyperbaric oxygen is so effective for wound healing... EZ water has a higher density than bulk water. If you take H 2O and you put it under pressure, it should give you H 3O 2 because the EZ structure is denser than the H 2O. We did the experiments and we found, indeed, that’s the case. If you put H 2O under pressure, you get more EZ water.

Water Isn’t What You Think It Is: The Fourth Phase of Water

Water is clearly one of the most important factors for your health—especially when you consider that your body actually consists of over 99 percent water molecules! I sincerely believe water is a really underappreciated part of the equation of optimal health. Vortexing — A vortex occurs naturally in nature, as in streams, rivers, waterfalls, etc. The vortex is a kind of mechanical perturbation or agitation. Vortexing is a very powerful way of increasing structure. There are devices on the market which vortex water. The more anomalies we have, the more we begin to think that maybe there’s something fundamental about water that we really don’t know. That’s the core of what I’m trying to do. In our laboratory at the University of Washington, we’ve done many experiments over the last decade. These experiments have clearly shown the existence of this additional phase of water. Ultimately, drinking this stuff would probably have no effect on your health. But we are no doctors, so don’t listen to us either. It might help or it might hurt, depending on your condition, it also might not matter.

The Water in Your Cells Give Them Their Negative Charge

How could it be that 99 percent of the molecules were ignored? How could it be that muscle contracts without involving the water in some way? These questions help catalyze his passionate investigation into water. As mentioned earlier, EZ water is alkaline and carries a negative charge. Maintaining this state of alkalinity and negative charge appears to be important for optimal health. Drinking water can be optimized in a variety of different ways, by injecting light energy or physical energy into the water by vortexing, for example. This is fairly easy using magnets. Reversing the vortex every few seconds may even create more energy. Everybody knows that the cell is negatively charged. If you insert an electrode into any of your cells, you’ll measure a negative electrical potential. The textbook says that the reason for this negative electrical potential has something to do with the membrane and the ion channels in the membrane. Water molecules make up 99% of your body. This is true, but misleading. According to various sources, the human body is between 57% and 75% water by mass. Since water has a much lower molar mass than most biomolecules, 99% of the molecules in your body may well be water.

Water: Legit Science or a Hoax? | HealthNews Structured Water: Legit Science or a Hoax? | HealthNews

Now, let’s apply these mechanisms to your body. Your capillaries receive radiant energy from outside all the time. Energy is also received from the inside of your body, as metabolic reactions continuously generate heat or infrared. So the question is, is it possible that the flow of blood occurring through your capillaries is automatically enhanced by exposure to light? It appears the answer may be yes...As for a natural source of EZ water for drinking, an ideal source is glacial melt. Unfortunately, this is extremely inaccessible for most people. Another good source is water from deep sources, such as deep spring water. The deeper the better, as EZ water is created under pressure. Natural spring water is another excellent way to obtain this type of water and you can use FindaSpring.com2 to help you find one close to you. Doing so requires ions in the water already to conduct the electricity, which is why the device must use tap water (and not purified water). At the cathode, water is reduced to hydrogen and hydroxide. At the anode, it is oxidized to oxygen and protons. Besides optimizing your drinking water by vortexing, you can help support your body’s negative charge by connecting to the Earth, which also has a negative charge. This is the basis of the earthing or grounding technique

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