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A Heart So Fierce and Broken: Brigid Kemmerer (The Cursebreaker Series)

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He meets some wonderful characters and they journey together throughout the majority of the story. Brigid Kemmerer is an excellent writer and makes each of the characters come to life. I could picture each one of them and though they start out as strangers and foes, the travelers become united and even friends. The love interest Lia Mara, is one of them. He sighs, then moves to sit beside me on the couch. I lean my head against his shoulder, and we stare at the fire together.

Lia Mara | Cursebreakers Wiki | Fandom Lia Mara | Cursebreakers Wiki | Fandom

I really LOVE Grey. He reminds me of Geralt from The Witcher because he's verAfter the curse was set in place, three hundred and twenty-seven seasons later, he was the only one alive from the Royal Guard. He was the only one who survived and became the last person along with Rhen to still live in the castle. They became good friends, even though Grey had an oath to protect Rhen. Cliche. Book one felt like a good Beauty and the Beast retelling, this felt like too many fantasy tropes mashed together and spewed out on paper. I love how even with all the bad things Rhen was doing, she never left his side and continued to help him cope with his PTSD and everything. I mean after all that happened in the previous book, I'm not surprised Rhen is traumatized from his curse and Lilith. There weren't really many appearances of them in the book, but they were mentioned a lot. This review is incredibly early, the book doesn’t come out until January 7th, 2020. But I wanted to get my thoughts out into the world and not have to have this on my mind anymore.

A Heart So Fierce and Broken | Cursebreakers Wiki | Fandom A Heart So Fierce and Broken | Cursebreakers Wiki | Fandom

Despite being the eldest daughter, her mother decided that she would not be the one to inherit the throne, for she had a sweet character, and therefore her mother did not believe her capable of being queen. As result, her younger sister, Nolla Verin was named as heir to the throne. Transition and pacing. One of the things I can say that honestly did not disappoint in this book was the pacing. Sometimes fantasy novels fall into the trap of having a lull in the middle of the story up until the end but this kept me engaged when I was reading it...even if I didn't actually like what I was reading. And the transition from book one to book two flowed super well in my opinion. The author does a great job of recapping book one without ever making it boring or redundant. Here there be spoilers because I have a lot of feelings about this book and I CANNOT contain them okay? SORRY. And be warned that most of them are not positive - to my own surprise. This causes a lot of issues for Rhen, Lia, and Grey since they are all now inevitably tied up. You’re probably thinking at this point “Well what about Harper, she was the main character of ACSDAL?” Well, she is of no use in this book. Like she was just thrown to the side so Grey and Lia Mara and Rhen could take the shine. Harper is maybe in it a couple of times and even then she only has a few speaking lines. We don’t see much of her but when we do it’s obviously important, I still just think it’s a crime that she isn’t in it very much. Now what I didn’t love… Rhen. Honestly, he was the main thing. I was so disappointed with some of the things he did and how he acted and treated Grey. I tried so hard but I couldn’t get over it. I was upset and disheartened. It left me heartbroken and I don’t know how I’m supposed to like him again. I also wish we would have gotten more Harper.Being trapped in Emberfall, a country as beautiful as it is wild and dangerous, hasn’t changed my brother’s temperament. The day we arrived, he was out of place and unsure of himself, but he’s grown into his fictional role as Prince Jacob of Disi. His dark hair has grown out a bit, and he wears a sword on his hip as if he were born carrying it. No one messed with him in DC, and few people mess with him here either.

A Heart So Fierce and Broken - Goodreads A Heart So Fierce and Broken - Goodreads

After how much I loved the first book in the series, I went into A Heart So Fierce and Broken with both excitement and caution. I know it's hard to follow up a thrilling first book with an even more so second book, especially when there are amped up expectations to take into account. But I needn't have worried, because I come away having thoroughly enjoyed myself. It took me a while to warm up to all the new characters, but I suppose they were alright. I liked the sort of brotherly relationship between Grey and Tycho. The sisters rivalry between Nola and Lia irked me at the beginning, but I’m glad with how it worked out in the end. My favorite part about the book was definitely seeing how the dynamic among these forementioned characters along with Noah and Jake slowly changed from being hostile to showing a good camaraderie. I loved seeing the transformation in Grey's character arc as well. I remember a moment, in the courtyard, when Rhen was still a monster. When Lilith was going to kill me, and Grey got on his knees and offered himself to spare me. I also really like the new characters that were introduced; Lia Mara, Tycho, and lisak. We see so much development in each of them that I just want to smile when I think about where they started. Kemmerer just knows how to write strong and vulnerable characters.Jake: Harper's brother Jake was a minor character in ACSDAL - but here he takes on a more prominent role and I loved it! He is sarcastic, fierce and smart. I loved the energy he and Grey had! When the man meant to fight in the competition becomes seriously injured last minute, and is unable to fight without risking getting killed, Grey offers to take his place. However when he goes out to fight he is confronted by one of the guards from the palace who used to serve side by side with Grey. The guard cannot figure out where he knows him from, but Jake, who was traveling around Emberfall at the time recognizes Grey. Grey attempts to flee and frees the scraver Iisaak in the process, but upon one of the guards capturing Tycho Grey gives himself up so they won't harm Tycho.

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The sequel did not disappoint! The relationships soared, the action was heart-pounding, and the cliff-hanger made me tear up a little bit. Or a lot. If you're wondering what my heart felt like immediately after I finished this — the title of this book should be able to provide some insight. In A Curse so Dark and Lonely Grey was my favourite character, my love for him has just grown and grown.Honestly, if I weren't reviewing A Heart So Fierce and Broken, I would have shelved it after the first few chapters. It is such a disappointing follow up to A Curse So Dark and Lonely. I am holding out hope that the next book, A Vow So Bold and Deadly, will redeem the series. Earlier this year I read A Curse So Dark and Lonely and I truly loved it. I was so excited to get to the next book, A Heart So Fierce and Broken. I’ve got to say, I have mixed feelings about this one. There were things about it I actually liked a little more than the first, but there were also things (Rhen…) I liked less. Tycho looks up to Grey, seeing him as a sort of big brother, and Grey is also very protective of the boy. Grey teaches Tycho how to sword fight and under his guidance he becomes a great swordsman, he also joins the guards to be like Grey.

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