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The Apollo Murders: Book 1 in the Apollo Murders Series

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Meg rents public bikes and they cycle to camp through a passage Lavinia told Meg about. They take out a group of Khromandae and save the second cohort from a group of Cynocephali. Larry has two legionnaires, Carl and Reza, take them to Frank. When they arrive they see him and Hazel arrives soon after riding Arion, Terminus then informs them New Rome is being overrun by zombies coming up from the sewers. Hazel takes him and Meg to Temple Hill to perform the ritual with Tyson and Ella. They arrive and the girls leave him so they can fight, Apollo thinks hard about which god to summon. He thinks of summoning his father but feels he will just laugh at him and do nothing. He chooses to summon his sister. The three go to the Temple of Diana and begin the ritual. He starts a fire and reads what to say off of Tyson’s left armpit. He places the jar in the fire, it explodes and nothing happens. Ella says he read a line wrong. Looking around the valley, he decides to go into battle and tells Ella and Tyson to stay. Phoenix has voiced his concern about Trucy's choice of magic props, namely her " magic panties", especially since her magic shows involve her displaying said panties to strangers. However, he claims that he does not want to say anything regarding the issue to her, partly because he has let her get away with it for so long that he does not wish to spoil her fun, but also because he does not want to waste the "expensive panties" he brought for her. Apollo's attributes are his golden bow and arrow, his golden lyre (made for him by Hermes), the laurel wreath (in honor of Daphne, his unrequited love), the sacrificial tripod (representing his prophetic powers), and the hyacinth flower (which sprouted out of the blood of Hyacinthus, Apollo's deceased lover). Apollo's sacred animal is the swan.

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Apollo, in the form of Lester, appears to Will alongside Meg in a nightmare caused by the demon Epiales. Another copy goes to Tahlequah to speak with Piper and finds the daughter of Aphrodite in the romantic embrace of a girl named Shel as he inadvertently reverts from his Lester form to his Apollo form. She introduces him to Shel as a family friend and goes to talk to him. She reveals that she and her father are adjusting well to the relocation and she congratulates him on becoming a god again. NASA claimed that the fire burned toxic chemicals, causing the astronauts to die from asphyxiation within a minute, though a claim from someone within the private contractor North American Aviation said that the crew struggled to open the hatch for a full five minutes. NAA had been the primary contractor in building the module and was put under intense scrutiny when a congressional investigation exposed documented evidence of failings and inadequacies in the company’s development process. The Apollo 1 ConspiracyDue to his archery skills, Frank had initially assumed that he was a son of Apollo and frequently prayed to the god to claim him, and he was rather dismayed after Mars claimed him even though Apollo wanted him to be.

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Later, at Olympus, Apollo votes for Percy not to be killed, and gives him a thumbs-up from his throne. He was listening to his iPod at the time, so it is unknown how much of the debate he actually heard. He also offers Percy the chance to drive his chariot and archery lessons though Percy rejects the latter as he's terrible with a bow. His hair is less spiky as a college student compared to when he is a lawyer; this difference was to add a distinction between the stages of Wright's life. [14] Additionally, his college student design has his initials ("P" and "W") as part of the design on his shoes in his full-body official art.After resting, he goes to the armory and grabs a bow and stuffs a quiver full of arrows. He goes to the Myrmekes' nest and sings about his faults to distract the giant ants. He rescues Meg but they are surrounded by three ants and he only has one arrow left. He shoots the ceiling of the cavern but nothing happens. In desperation, he waves Paolo's bandana, and the cave collapses. The two then face the queen ant and after Apollo sings to her she lets them pass. Athena Cykes · Betty de Famme · Bonny de Famme · Klavier Gavin · Magnifi Gramarye · Thalassa Gramarye · Valant Gramarye · Zak Gramarye · Judge · Apollo Justice · Lamiroir · Manov Mistree · Roger Retinz · Nahyuta Sahdmadhi · Ema Skye · Damian Tenma · Jinxie Tenma · Furio Tigre · Phoenix Wright · Trucy Wright In 1999 the charred remains of the test module that trapped Grissom and his two colleagues was opened up for his family to see. Scott noticed a fabricated metal plate behind a switch on one of the instrumentation panels. He believed that the switch was used to deliberately create a spark that would have ignited the cabin, killing Grissom and the other astronauts. Apollo is mentioned when Percy is attempting to shoot Geryon through his three hearts, and he prays to Artemis and Apollo to ask them to guide his arrow. Wright" is likely meant to have a similar effect to his Japanese surname (with lines such as "Isn't that right, Wright?"). During Turnabout Memories, Wright introduces himself to Mia as being "Wright... Like the flying brothers", referring to the Wright brothers.

The Apollo Murders: Book 1 in the Apollo Murders Series

Another one of his copies goes to the Waystation where he learns that the Hunters of Artemis and learns that their hunt for the Teumessian Fox is still fruitless. He learns that Leo is teaching homeless kids mechanic skills and that Calypso is a councilor at a mortal band camp. Georgina walks over to him and asks about the pipe cleaner doll she made for him, which he lost. When he asks for another one, she rejects the offer. At the time, Edgeworth idolized his famous father Gregory Edgeworth, a legendary defense attorney. The class trial would prove to be a powerful inspiration for Wright during his legal career. After the DL-6 Incident, which resulted in Gregory's death, Miles transferred schools and moved out of town. Supernatural Sight: As the God of the Sun and Light, Apollo is able to see almost anything and anywhere during the day - he remarked in The Titan's Curse that he "saw a lot". In Khura'in, Wright became known as the Fighting Phoenix due to being the first defense attorney to appear in court in many years and win two murder trials despite the supposed infallibility of the Insights.

Fire Immunity: Apollo is completely immune to any amount of fire and heat. In The Tower of Nero, after destroying Nero's fasces in one of his bursts of godly power, Apollo was left unharmed by the firestorm it released which Nero stated would be enough to kill whoever managed to break it. A few weeks after Trucy's trial, Wright learned that Maya had once again been accused of murder, with head priest Tahrust Inmee as the victim. He immediately took on the case to save her, going up against international prosecutor Nahyuta Sahdmadhi in the process. Wright conducted his investigation under the watchful eye of Rayfa, with Detective Ema Skye providing assistance where she could. In episode 24 of the anime, My Bride is a Mermaid, the character Mawari Zenigata at one point gives Phoenix Wright's iconic finger point pose before starting an investigation. Sometime after Vera's trial, Wright went to Europe to look into their legal systems. [3] It was there that he met Athena Cykes, who was studying to become a lawyer. Learning she could sense subtle emotions from the voices of others, he assured her that this ability would be a great help to people. Cykes finished her studies and became a lawyer, and Wright invited her to join the Wright Anything Agency.

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In April of 2019, Zak Gramarye, a famous magician at the time, called Wright to his detention cell. The magician challenged him to a game of poker, which Wright won. He then asked Wright to be his lawyer, as he was suspected of having killed his master, Magnifi Gramarye. He had just recently fired his previous lawyer and the trial was scheduled for the next morning, but Wright reluctantly agreed to take the case. Wright does not own a car or have a driver's license. He appears to use taxis and cycling as his main mode of transportation. During the trial the following day, Wright faced Godot in court once again. To his surprise, Iris suddenly offered herself up as a witness against Maya Fey, but Wright eventually realized that "Iris" was actually Hawthorne, who was being channeled. Hawthorne claimed that Maya had killed herself out of guilt for murdering her own mother, but Wright realized the truth; Maya had channeled Hawthorne to protect herself, after channeling Mia to ask for her help. As a channeled Mia appeared in Pearl's body to tell Hawthorne that she would never win against her, an enraged and defeated Hawthorne left Maya's body. Godot then demanded that Wright face him alone, without the help from Mia that had saved Wright in his previous trials. Wright took on this final challenge and implicated Godot as Misty's killer. Wright stated that he is "not really into smoking" after examining a gold lighter on the table in Marvin Grossberg's office.

Apollo was also revealed to have a tendency to brag about his previous accomplishments, particularly his victory over Python, to the point of embellishing it: though he told storytellers that he had vanquished Python with a single arrow the instant he arrived at its cave, the truth of the matter was that he had needed all of his godly strength, his divine powers, and his bow (which he described to be the deadliest bow in the world) to defeat Python, who had been "no pushover". In fact, the battle between Apollo and Python had been such that the former suffered from nightmares about the latter for centuries.

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