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Five Crowns

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Runs: A run is a sequence of three or more cards (e.g., 3-5) containing the same suit (i.e, cannot be a mix of two different suits). Any card in the sequence can be replaced by a wild card or joker.

If there's a tie for the lowest score: have multiple winners OR deal a 6-card tie-breaking round for only the tied players to play. For runs, say if you have a 4 and 5 of spades, you’ll still be waiting on the 6 or 3 of spades. There are only two of these each, so four in total. Joker cards are always wild, but the other wild cards change each round! However, the wild cards will be the same as the number of cards dealt each round. So, in the first round, the three cards will be wild, the four cards will be wild in the second round, and so on. Playing Five Crowns


To begin, take the top card from the draw pile and decide which of the 11 piles you want to play it in. After adding it, discard one card from that pile. Discarded cards are not allowed to be used again.

I’m not going to list out the directions here; instead, I will direct you to SET’s official solitaire rules. Keep your options open. You can come from behind even in the last hand...hence our slogan: The game isn’t over ‘til the Kings go wild! Players play 11 hands/rounds. In each round, players attempt to play all their cards by making card combinations. Setting Up Five Crowns Card Game Each one is worth its value, the round wild is 20 points, and the Aces are 50 points, so make sure to lay them down as soon as possible. Once all eleven rounds have been completed, the totals are tallied up. The winner of Five Crowns is the player with the lowest score. Five Crowns – A Fun Rummy AlternativeOnce the points have been totaled, all cards are shuffled and the next hand is dealt. Remember: the number of cards in hand increases by one each round. Scoring a Hand Start your turn as normal, then lay down your entire hand in books and/or runs on the table in front of you before discarding your last card. You can only use the number of cards you were dealt to make your books and/or runs. You must have one card left to discard. Your discard can be a playable card . Watch For Sets Over Runs For Faster Matches – There are 10 of each card, so your odds are pretty good of getting sets. Sets: Sets (or books) are three or more cards of the same value, no matter which suit. Cards in a set can be replaced by wild cards or jokers. Jokers are always wild. The additional wild cards for each pile are different. They are based on the number of cards each pile was dealt. For example, the first pile has 3 cards, so 3s are wild for that pile.

A lot of good players will use the same cards to go for multiple books at a time and open up the odds of getting a card that works for them. If you have a wild card in your hand that you can't use - you are allowed to discard it. This will save you points but may help the next player. All things being equal, it is better to complete your books or runs using lower value cards. This way you score fewer points if you do not successfully play out your hand. This said, I would not sacrifice a good start (e.g., two kings) to pursue this strategy; instead, if it’s the first hand and you have two pairs (e.g., kings and fours) after drawing your card for the turn, then I would toss a king into the discard pile.If you’re getting down to the end or someone has gone out, don’t just throw any face card down to lower your count. Whenever you are uncertain which card is wild, count the number of cards you were dealt, that number is wild for that round. A book consists of three or more cards of the same value regardless of suit. For example: 8♣, 8♥, 8♠, or K♠, K♦, K♥, K♥. Any card in a book can be replaced by any wild card or Joker. For example, if 8s are wild, then a book could be 8♠, Q♠, Q ★ . You can have as many wild cards or Jokers in a book as you wish (and they may be adjacent to each other). The winner is the player with the fewest points at the end of all 11 rounds. Though not part of the official rules I have seen, our “house rule” is that in case of a tie, the winner is the player who went out the most number of hands. Tips If you’re on the last hand and have a healthy lead on everyone, then you can pursue a strategy of keeping as low card values as possible. As an example: if we consider 8 as an average score, then a lead of 105 points (8 x 13 + 1) is most likely safe for you to implement this approach. Just keep in mind that some opponents will not approve of this strategy. Where to Buy Five Crowns

Wild Card: Wild cards can substitute for any card in a book or run. The card value serving as the wild card for a particular round changes. Game Setup If it’s your final turn after a player has gone out, then you may consider discarding a wild card or joker. You have to decide whether it is more important to reduce the number of points assigned to you, at the risk of helping another player lay out all of their cards. This may depend on the score differential between yourself and the current winning player, or player(s) closest to you if you are currently winning. Then, you can use the wild somewhere, maybe to complete another set or run or even just add on to this one.For example, if you’re waiting for one of two cards for a run and you see the player across from dumping a bunch of them, it may be time to switch strategy. What are the most points someone can score (i.e., lose in the most glorious fashion)? You can score as high as 1,225 points.

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