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Glorious PC Gaming Race USB Model D Gaming-Maus - White, matt,GD-WHITE

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There are three RGB zones on the Model D-: along each side and on the scroll wheel. Are all customizable via Glorious’ own software (more on that later). These RGB zones are pin-sharp. When I first plugged in the mouse, a rainbow effect took over by default. It was genuinely impressive how many individual regions there were along those bands of RGB.

Model D Minus: Wired Ergonomic Mouse for Gaming - Glorious Gaming Model D Minus: Wired Ergonomic Mouse for Gaming - Glorious Gaming

There’s no smoothing, acceleration, or any of that nonsense to worry about so you can rest assured that every single move that you make gets transferred to the screen with perfect precision. That’s nice of them to include, but I do wish they’d gone all the way and threw in some replacement feet as well while they were at it. It’s always handy to have some spare parts around. Shape, Coating, and Mouse Feet Once working, the software offers RGB customization across three zones -- the mouse wheel and two strips along the sides -- along with CPI and polling rate adjustments. Thankfully, the out-of-the-box settings worked perfectly well and that’s a boon for anyone who wants to play without having to install more software. The Model D is an entirely new shape (well, entirely new for the Glorious line of mice that is) so it can’t really be compared to their Model O but it is nice to see that the company has taken pretty much everything that reviewers and consumers alike were complaining about with their first release and used that to improve on those aspects with the Model D.Glorious has built a lightweight program in the Model D Software to match its lightweight mouse. It offers the essential tweaks in a small footprint (under 5MB) install with an easy-to-use user interface (UI). Unfortunately, it didn’t work out of the box. The Model D uses Glorious’ BAMF sensor. That one’s based on the 3370 and was created in collaboration with PixArt, and from my testing I can’t find anything wrong with it. There were some sensor issues when the BAMF was first implemented in the Model O Wirelessbut those have since been fixed with a firmware update and it seems like they got it right from the start this time. The Glorious Model D Wirelessis, on its own, perhaps not a very groundbreaking release in today’s market. We have lightweight wireless mice, and we have a lot of lightweight ergonomic mice. What’s important here is the price, however. The Model D Wirelesscomes in at a much friendlier price point than similar mice from (well-known) competitors, giving it a leg up over those competitors. One of the first things you notice on the Model D Wirelessis the fact that there are no more holes in the mouse buttons. Most companies seem to be moving away from the cheese grater designs these days (or at least reducing the amount of holes in the shell) and it seems like Glorious is following suit on this front. I can’t say that I have any strong opinions on the subject, though. I don’t mind holes in a mouse and I also don’t mind the feeling of my fingers resting on said holes, but I do know that a lot of people in the community don’t really appreciate feeling them underneath their fingers so on the whole this is probably a welcome change.

Glorious Model D Review - ProSettings.net Glorious Model D Review - ProSettings.net

As far as the battery goes I haven’t noticed any annoyances. The battery life isn’t the most impressive on the market, but if you turn off your RGB lights you should be getting around 70 hours of juice out of the battery. That’s plenty for even the most hardcore gaming marathon, and if you need to top up your battery while you’re gaming you can just use the included flexible cable. Glorious hasn’t always been a company that’s known for their stellar QC process so this section might be a bit more important for this mouse than it is for others.I tested the Model D Wirelessover the course of a few weeks and I’ve also given it the usual ‘stress tests’ and it came out just fine. Contrary to what you could find on some of the brand’s older models, there’s now no flexing or creaking, making for a mouse that feels well built. The mouse is also dead silent when shaking or tapping it. Their promise of tightening their quality control process doesn’t seem to be an empty promise. Another thing that I noticed is that the Model D Wirelessfeels really solid. This hasn’t always been the case with Glorious’ mice (though I have to say that I’ve never reviewed a unit that was downright faulty in the QC department) so it’s good to see that there’s almost no flexing to be found here. More on that later on in the review though.

Glorious Software - Glorious Gaming Glorious Software - Glorious Gaming

As I said in my intro the Model D comes in a bigger box due to the fact that they’ve now allocated extra space for the cable so that there are no more issues with kinked cables out of the box. The Model D Wirelessis a medium-large sized ergonomic mouse that comes in at an impressive weight of just 69 grams. For a wired mouse that wouldn’t be considered impressive anymore in this day and age, but for a wireless mouse of this size I would definitely say that this is an impressive feat. Less visually appealing is the branding on the Model D-. The snooty reputation of the so-called Glorious PC Gaming Race is embodied through a picture of its mascot where your thumb goes, as well as on the mouse’s underside. There’s also a more forgivable and smaller “Glorious” stamp on the right side. As with many mice, there’s a touch of post travel, but this is something that happens with a lot of mice and it’s well within acceptable tolerances.As I said earlier on the Model D also comes with two additional mouse feet that fit in between the existing feet on either end of the mouse, creating a larger ‘skate surface’. I applied these extra feet on one of my review copies and left it off on another and I think I prefer the mouse with those extra feet on though the difference is honestly pretty marginal and it might even be the placebo effect talking. It’s important to note that the additional skates are of the same high quality as the ones that are already on there, so you don’t have to worry about them being some kind of afterthought if you decide to try them out, though I would’ve honestly preferred to see a bunch of replacement main feet instead of what we got now. Glorious Model D Review – Conclusion Today, we’re taking a look at their newest release, the Model D Wireless. What’s interesting here is that Glorious has made a number of changes when compared to their latest wireless release, the Model O Wireless. The Model D obviously has a different shape, but we also see the removal of holes in the buttons, for example, and (more interestingly) the inclusion of Glorious’ very own mouse switches. Combine that with a tightened up QC process and a very attractive price when compared to other wireless options on the market and you’ve got what could be one of the best options out there at this point in time.

Model D - Lightweight RGB Mouse (Glossy White) - Glorious Gaming Model D - Lightweight RGB Mouse (Glossy White) - Glorious Gaming

I’ve spent a bit more time evaluating this portion of the mouse because the QC of the buttons and scroll wheel is one of the most often complained about aspects on enthusiast forums (by which I don’t mean that every Glorious mouse had issues on this front: people are far more likely to post their complaints than they are to post their praises, for one) but I can’t really find any big flaws here. It’s true that the main buttons technically aren’t flawless, but I have been looking at those under a proverbial microscope and they come out just fine for day to day usage. Build Quality and Cable For starters, there are separate programs for the Model O and Model D mice. This won’t affect the vast majority of users (because why would you have two?). But when you’re in the business of testing mice and already have software from Razer, Corsair, SteelSeries, Logitech and goodness knows who else lurking on your hard drive it's an annoyance. The gripes here are pretty miniscule. There’s some button wobble if you really look for it, and a DPI indicator on the underside of the mouse. But there’s also the issue of the manufacturer branding, which shouldn’t go completely without mention. Unlike the subreddit name, the “Master” has been dropped from Glorious PC Gaming Race’s name, but that doesn’t mean it’s free of the same tasteless connotations. It felt uncomfortable when the first Glorious mice arrived and still does. If you’re looking for something with less heavy branding, the HK Gaming Mira-M offers a similar, lightweight gaming experience while being ambidextrous. What’s also included are two additional larger feet that allow you to customize the glide area of the mouse. These do not drastically change the overall speed or smoothness of the glide but if you prefer larger skates over smaller ones (like I do) then they’re a handy addition to have. Except for a software issue we’re hoping will be fixed imminently, the Model D continues Glorious’ fine run of form in delivering lightweight, supremely usable FPS-focused mice.Before the lightweight revolution and the cable renaissance we had the sensor shift, where pretty much every respectable gaming mouse manufacturer started using flawless sensors in their mice. As such, part of this section has perhaps become quite superfluous but of course we have to talk about the sensor. I can be short here: the flawless 3360 sensor inside of the Model D performs as it should, which basically means that it’s flawless.

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