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Get Verified: Post a photo of your hand with a wedding ring showing holding a piece of paper with your Reddit name. If you are a HotGF, just skip the ring part. Alternatively, link us to your https://www.reddit.com/r/GetVerified/ post. Stranger Encounter: Post a photo/video of you having a digital play session on messaging or video apps with a stranger. The session must include masturbation at a minimum. During this period I was pretty emotional and for several months our sex life dropped to maybe twice a week (from 7+ times per week) I say don’t play games like that in the future if you can’t handle the outcome. She deserves better than your insecurities.

This means my wife spent 10 minutes in our bedroom (that's the private room we used for all 'play' dares) with Tom who would have removed his underwear and been completely naked. We were all a little drunk that night so we didn't speak about it that night. Now, when I try to question her about what happened with Tom that night, she won't answer. She is very evasive and says they just 'Played', you know kissed and touched a little, but she is very strange and guilty acting when she answers. I'm not an expert or professional. I don't know anything other than what you've written. But you seem like a control freak to me. And you're angry that she "changed the rules" by actually enjoying herself.Admire This 1!: Have your date take a picture or video from his point of view while you ride him. Post the photo/video.

Introductory Play: These challenges involve your significant other so you can have better conversations about the lifestyle and visualize hotwifing events. It is your hotwife practice time. Thanks for all the advice, us talking it out and Both deciding it was a no-fault situation and never to put ourselves in this scene again has helped. We're both closing out this chapter in our lives and just forgetting about it. But the reality is that it happened, and you are denying yourself the truth. You just don’t want to believe it. Remember your wife did have a crush on this guy before this whole thing started, so how can she not deny her temptation which was so finely set before her on a platter? Drinks were flowing, the stage was set with spotlights and cameras rolling…. and you just stood there and let it all happen. First of all, it includes the idea that a woman in a relationship is still very desirable for other men, which can be a huge turn-on for any husband. Secondly, through the hotwife process, the wife in a marriage can attain a lot of pleasure, no matter if she desires to simply flirt or kiss with other men, or if she wants to go all the way and have sex with them. In any case, she will get the thing she secretly desires and this will make her happy, along with enforcing the marriage at the same time. Additionally, the husband can arrange for all of this to be performed in his presence, where he can see his beautiful wife in a way he never did before. All of this can be an incredible boost to the couple’s intimacy drive, which will definitely make for a better sex life when they are on their own.Sexual History Story: Post a story of a previous sexual encounter in vivid detail that your husband does not know. Showtime: Post a photo/video of you putting on a sexy show for a crowd of 2+ people using a video app. If you had anything to say about it the time you should have done it was then and there, not after the fact. Deep down, you probably were turned on by it, or why didn’t you take a stand and keep your wife from entering the viper’s pit? You were there cheering it on weren’t you?

We made the decision to have a child together, jokingly saying that it would save us from ourselves swinging too much. It was a tough decision, as we both had kids from previous marriages and were in our late 30's. But decided this was the last opportunity, and after a bit of vasilation (due to our age) we got pregnant and had a daughter in 2009. Get Curious Make a post in the /r/HotWifeLifeStyle community asking questions you may have. Interact with at least two people who answer you. Fantasy Story: Post a story of a sexual fantasy in vivid detail that your significant other does not know. Reveal Yourself: Post a photo/video of you wearing something revealing for your date (significant other excluded).I met my second wife after dating for about 2 years. Angie was very easy to get along with, we never fought, just generally enjoyed each others company. We courted for 6 months and decided to get married. It was somewhat complicated as she had two older kids, who were somewhat resentful. One big bonus was Angie was great in bed, we were like teenagers. Spent hours daily having sex, both very intoxicated with one another. In 2010, both our jobs were transfered and we moved into a new house with my pre-teens and the baby. Life was good, we played around with a few couples and as it was easy, had a few threesomes with single guys. None of it meant anything. Get Involved: Message the moderators for an invite to the VIP chatroom. Please note the criteria to get in! Okay there’s a big elephant in the room and I thinks it time somebody pointed it out. Yeah, your wife screwed with this guy. Hell yeah he had his underwear off. And the fact that your wife is being evasive about what clearly happened should point it out all the more. Ask anybody else in that party? They would all have told you. Your wife cheated on you for ten minutes right under your nose. Your wife’s friend who set it up probably knows what happened in the bedroom; women do talk to each other. Why don’t you pry her for an answer?

Learn The Joys Of Hotwifing In A Happy Marriage. Love is all about sharing and having collective experience with another human being. The same is true for any marriage and this is why it is important to share things inside of this relationship as well. For many couples, this idea is valid at the beginning of their marriage, but then gradually falls apart, either with a lot of noise or silently, day by day. For others, who can be even newlyweds, the same idea might sound true, but at the same time, young people, in particular, could be plagued by the doubt whether they chose the right person and a secret burning desire to explore their intimacy to a greater degree. Fortunately, for anyone who wishes to have a happy and lasting relationship, there is a way how they can achieve all that they need and it is called the hotwife lifestyle. A man in my opinion should be loyal and trustworthy, with a strong character and self esteem, without even thinking about being unfaithful. I hope this corrects my previous post. Release Control: Post a photo/video of you giving up control of your Lovesense sex toy during a digital play session. Form a Chat Group: Form a chat group with other community members and make it spicy. Allow your significant other to participate or just watch the chat. We recommend our VIP chatroom. Get an internet boyfriend: Post a photo of you forming an internet boyfriend/plaything relationship and let Hubby know.

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You're Still Mine: Post a photo/video of the reclamation sex with your significant after the date concludes. In my mind, it was just a dirty game and we weren't really looking for true long term threesome partner anyway. Thanks to everyone. We talked about this, I especially mentioned that part that me wondering and assuming the most would be worse than talking the truth. Well she did play with him, and while she was kissing his chest and stroking his penis, he tried to push her head down to give him a blowjob. As much as she admitted being turned on by his body she knew that would be very wrong. She ending up finishing him off with a handjob. She feels very guilty, but as someone here said, we both played this 'dangerous' game willingly, and I knew she was turned on by this guy. Well, no more Truth or Dare for us. This is the first time it went this far, but now we're both a little embarrassed that probably everyone that was there is assuming that they did something in our bedroom (well they did, but they probably assume even more than what happened). Hi. A bunch of us (about 12-14 people) were playing Truth or Dare a week ago at our house. My wife and I are happily married for a few years, and this is not the first time we have had 'semi-wild' parties (read, not swinger parties, just 'fun' parties). So to summarise. You "dared" your wife to have sexual encounters without you. Over and over again. Although she felt "creepy", "nervous", "not in the mood" and so on. Over several years. Until finally she met someone who she enjoyed having sex with. At which point you freak out. And let this eat at you for a year.

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