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Mad Genius: A Manifesto for Entrepreneurs

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Danger Girl: Kharnov von Kripplor is the chief scientist of the Hammer Empire, an organization formed from the remains of the Nazis. If I've learned one universal truth about marketing, it's that the bigger the budget, the more stupid shit get greenlighted. Wander over Yonder has Commander Peepers, whose head for science and strategy makes him the brains behind Lord Hater's evil empire. There's also Lord Dominator, who according to the writers is even smarter than Peepers. After reading Mad Genius, I filled half a journal with insights and ideas,but here are a couple of areas of critical thinking which I believeevery entrepreneur would be wise to attend to– instead of risking seeing the next 10 years become more than “cataclysmic”— in fact downright disasterous.” Choushinsei Flashman has Great Doctor Lie Köpflen. Similar to Deathmark and Kar up there, he's actually the Number Two of his organization, as he's the one who genetically engineered all of the other Mess generals, including The Dragon Leh Wanda.

Experience – Through travel, learning a new language, studying other cultures or meeting new people, you build “a kaleidoscope of interesting and different experiences”.

In For a Few Dollars More, El Indio is a similar case. Groggy is another example as he's given technology-based assignments like taking out the telegraph lines to El Paso and, despite his name, figures out that Indio plans to screw over the entire gang to keep the money for himself. Byro from the Edolas arc fights using potions and other chemicals, and has also created Edolas's equivalent of a Wave-Motion Gun. Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd: Shion and Minoh are Crown's top researchers in the fields of Fallah and cybernetics respectively, which makes them the ones responsible for creating the monsters and mooks that fill Crown's ranks. Later on we're introduced to Kuzan, Crown's head scientist regarding their Doomsday Device, as well as a Mad Scientist who joined them simply to prove his research correct, even at the expense of human civilization. The Cyborg Superman builds all of the technology used by the Sinestro Corps, including the Manhunter robots who recharge yellow rings and the space station they used as a base. Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger has Highness Duke Org Ura, an exceptionally brilliant chessmaster who manipulated everyone into fulfilling his plan involving the Thousand-Year Evil.

Giller from Legend of the Seeker is both Mad Scientist and Evil Sorcerer; the two most typical archtypes that fall under this trope. In Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Nicol also took on this role to the Antivillainous Le Creuset team, relying on stealth, caution and an Invisibility Cloak. It only made him more of an outcast on a team of guys who wouldn't know subtle if it bit them in the ass. One could argue that Big Bad Rau Le Creuset also plays this role. Hiram Flaversham is of the Reluctant Mad Scientist variety, as a toymaker kidnapped by Professor Ratigan and forced to build a robotic decoy of the Mouse Queen (an analogue to Queen Victoria) to help Ratigan usurp the throne of England because Ratigan has threatened his daughter. Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger has Quval, who prefers psychological tactics in contrast to the brutish ones his fellow Team Leader Azald likes to employ. Seems like a pleasant, clever guy at the start. Just 30 minutes into part 4 of 5, the ratio of good information to ranting turned the book around. I'm now waffling between 2 and 3 stars. It's actually made worse by listening to the author himself tell the stories, who gets all worked up about his past issues. This is what I will remember from the book -- not the good stuff. Once he started talking about "small-minded people" and "institutional stupidity", I wanted the book to end sooner. He's snarky and arrogant, but he's successful and wants to share the nuances of his success with us... In short, I disliked the energy of this book.

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Seilah of Tatarus is in charge of the technology that gives her guildmates Resurrective Immortality. Toru especially - he builds a device capable of projecting a hologram, a giant Mecha-Dawn, and a device capable of casting a spell worldwide to Depower the Slayers.

Naruto has Orochimaru with Sasori for the Akatsuki. After Pain's death Tobi the Big Bad takes the role, until Kabuto joins and is this for Tobi's Akatsuki army. move from traditional “tactic-style” problem solving, towards a mindset for the future. That is, recognising and embracing challenges as opportunities that create possibilities. Palpatine himself has traits of this, given his abilities as The Chessmaster and Manipulative Bastard.It's not just the minor errors that ring alarm bells – blues musician Alexis Korner becomes Alex Korner, late guitarist Brian Jones's girlfriend Anna Wohlin turns into Anna Wholin – but the selection of material. Andersen takes a line from Richards's Life seemingly to support his retelling of the old myth about Marianne Faithfull and the Mars Bar but ignores Richards's insistence that it never happened. The author also argues that the song Angie is about Bowie despite Richards's own account of how he, not Jagger, wrote most of it. But then Andersen concedes nothing to doubt. You wouldn't think the subject of Carly Simon's You're So Vain was one of pop's most famous mysteries from the way Andersen bluntly states (despite Simon's own denials) that it's Jagger. Wild ARMs has the Mad Scientist demon Alhazad. Wild ARMs 4 has part-scientist, part-strategist Augst. The skinny-bodied Pestilence in particular among the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Under service to Lucifer, Pestilence heads a demon-run secret project to develop a strain of the Croatoan virus which infects hosts in seconds, so it can be distributed simultaneously across the country hidden inside a new vaccine rollout. Most incarnations of Power Rangers have one of these among the villains, with responsibilities commonly including mass-producing Mooks and the Monster of the Week, making monsters grow, and generally being the one who knows the most about the finer points of the magic/technology of the season.

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