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Mooer Hustle Drive, drive micro pedal

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This list, as I have already mentioned, features two clones of Xotic effects Booster pedals. First being the flex boost and second is this one. The Pure Boost. The Xotic pedals are known to be pretty expensive. So if you are after that pedal on a budget. Then, the Mooer Audio is a great option for you. This pedal is a clean boost first and foremost. Whilst this is a transparent pedal, there are volume, bass, treble and gain controls which allow you to expand the sound that this pedal produces. The Mooer has the same controls as the Boss however, it is missing an extra mode. This is the "Enhance" mode. If I'm honest, I'm glad Mooer didn't add this as part of the clone. I tend to find this mode on the Boss AC-2 pretty much useless. Take a look at the video below which does a comparison between the Mooer and the Boss. By watching it, you really get to see the tonal differences between these two. When it comes down to it, I have a tough time choosing which one I prefer. I like the sounds of both. All of this needs to be taken with a certain pinch of salt, as readers / listeners / players will have likely different ’ears’, different preferences and thus come to quite diverse conclusions. I have tried to reference most of the best known overdrive and distortion pedal types / core sounds, but there will be various degrees of overlap, as well as some pedals which don’t sit entirely comfortably within select categories. The below list goes from the lightest touch of boost-like gain to extreme distortion, from unique, singular sounding pedals to highly versatile distortion workstations as such.

Mooer Hustle Drive | Reverb Canada Mooer Hustle Drive | Reverb Canada

The colors are also pretty darn similar. Thus, further confirming confirmation that this is a clone. The video down below this is a fantastic demonstration of the Mooer Ana Echo Vs Boss Dm-2. Listen carefully as it can be quite hard to distinguish between the two pedals. As I've already said above, I do tend to find that the Boss has a more "analog" sound if that makes sense. There's honestly just something about the decaying notes that the Boss DM-2 produces which the Mooer Ana Echo misses out on slightly. Completely unnoticeable in a gig or live band setting.There are some similar frequencies here. However, the Mooer is still missing an extra frequency band compared to the Maxon. And, some of the frequencies are different. The best part with both the Maxon and the Mooer is that they each have a separate level control. I like to use this as a straight up volume boost. Deciding on which of these two EQ's are best for me, come down to one thing. And that thing is space. If my pedalboard is cluttered I'd opt for the Mooer. Otherwise, I'd take the Maxon due to its extra band of frequency. I always think having an eq pedal on your board is a great idea. Since adding one to my pedalboard, I can't imagine what life used to be like without an equalizer pedal.

Mooer Hustle Drive | Reverb UK Mooer Hustle Drive | Reverb UK

In a lightweight and simple build, the Mooer Hustle Drive Overdrive pedal provides a wide range of harmonic options, just as we have mentioned in our Mooer Hustle Drive Pedal review before. It has two overdrive modes, each of which is very different. The high end is boosted in high peak mode. The actual OCD sounds more like a real tube amp to me. It also sounds more alive when compared to the Hustle Drive. The OCD is also a bit more bright whilst the Hustle Drive seems to compress more. And thus, sounds slightly darker. Furthermore, the OCD seems to have a lot more headroom and dynamic in sound as well as the way it responds. I go really in-depth on my OCD pedal comparison here. Whilst this is considered to be a fuzz pedal. I'd say it is both fuzz and a distortion for bass in one. This pedal lets you go from subtle drive all the way up to high gain. It features a two-way selector knob which lets you opt between fuzz or distortion. The distortion channel misses the fuzz and the dry signal for a tone with more definition. The Fuzz setting is your straight up fuzz setting. It has a tone, gain and volume knob. A good tip with this pedal is that you can use the volume knob as a boost function. However, this only works in fuzz mode and not distortion. Lastly, it is believed that this pedal is a clone on the Electro-Harmonix Bass blogger pedal.The Trelicopter is a really good optical trem effects pedal for those on a tight budget. For such a small enclosure, you're able to get quite a diverse range of tremolo sounds. I must point out that this is not your "regular" trem pedal. I find it to be a bit more far out and shoegazy if that makes sense. A fantastic pedal for post-punk and indie guitar-based music. Mooer Trelicopter Volume Drop Explaining this 3-way toggle switch, and this auto wah pedal, in general, is very tough. As describing an auto-wah is immensely difficult to put into words. However, the video below should give you more than a sufficient look at this pedal as well as the tones you can achieve from it. Mooer Funky Monkey For Bass? REGULAR - Barber Direct Drive, Catalinbread Formula 5, EarthQuaker Devices Talons, Fulltone OCD, Joyo Ultimate Drive, Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive, MI Audio Crunch Box, Mojo Hand FX Rook, Weehbo Bastard Pretty much everyone seems to make a boost pedal or two - here are some highlights, notables in bold:

Mooer Hustle Drive | Overdrive Pedal | GAK

As far as the volume drop is concerned. I have not experienced this "fault" unless of course, the internet is referring to the fact that this pedal produces a volume-drop type of effects. In which case, it definitely does. Trelicopter Vs Demeter TremulatorThe Grey Faze is a really decent clone of the Dunlop Germanium fuzz face. I've tried a lot of budget and cheaper fuzz pedals that all land up sounding too fizzy for my liking. This is not the case with the grey faze. As I like the sound of this pedal a lot. And, despite it only having two controls, I find it to be pretty versatile. That is thanks to the fact that the actual "Fuzz" knob on this pedal is super responsive. And by adjusting it, you're able to achieve a wide array of sounds. Q: The "Q" knob is quite misleading but it basically just lets you play with how intense you want the wah effect to be. This knob initially led me to believe that the Funky Monkey was a clone of the EHX Qtron pedal. Which is actually pretty plausible come to think of it now, seeing as though the Qtron is also an automatic wah pedal. At close inspection, it is easy to see that they Mooer Funky Monkey is laid out pretty different to that of the AW-2. However, this is certainly to be expected considering the small size of the Mooer. That being said, let's look at how the Boss AW-2 is laid out and then note the differences son the Funky Monkey. A wonderfully texturally complex distortion tone. The OCD has amazing distortion harmonics, but manages to stay just on the right side of musical and controllable. It’s a very distinctive tone that is very obviously analogue sounding. Digital pedals have a hard time replicating this pedal exactly as they are intrinsically prone to smoothing and clarifying output. REGULAR - Boss DS-1X, Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion, DOD Boneshaker, Fulltone Plimsoul, Keeley Stahlhammer Distortion, Malekko Wolftone Sloika, Mesa Boogie Throttle Box, MXR Distortion+, MXR Super Badass / Custom Badass ’78 Distortion

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