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Raygun Torch Lighter, with Adjustable Flame and Safety Lock (Green)

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The Voyage of the Space Beagle. The radiation emitted by the vibration pistols and crew-served atomic disintegrators is invisible, so a 'tracer beam' is used for aiming. There's also reference to the smell of ozone and the potentially lethal effects of secondary radiation from a near miss by a disintegrator beam. Captain Future's proton blaster is shown on the Pulp Magazine covers shooting a stream of ever-expanding rings. In the Allen Steele reconstruction novel Avengers of the Moon this is handwaved as smoke rings created by the invisible plasma beam. The tie-in Star Fleet Technical Manual actually features a weapon called a 'ray gun', although this is actually a mislabeled prop used in the show as a signal beacon. More powerful through multipliers, more ammo, larger magazine, lower splash damage toward the player Team Fortress 2: One of the Soldier's many, many alternate weapons is now a small handheld ray blaster called the "Righteous Bison" or a larger over-the-shoulder one called the "Cow Mangler 5000". The Engineer and Pyro have ray guns of their own, with the "Pomson 6000" for the former, and the "Phlogistinator" and "Manmelter" for the latter. A later update gave the Engineer and Scout a pistol reskin called the C.A.P.P.E.R..

The standard Imperial rayguns are classified as "las weapons". They fire a laser beam capable of blowing a man's arm off (they've been most often been compared to midrange caliber rifles in terms of kinetic force). Though they're unfavorably compared to flashlights, they're almost invariably fielded in huge numbers. The Imperium also fields meltaguns, which are a short-range, anti-tank microwave gun. Just pray that the guy shooting one at you happens to be a lousy shot, or bad things happen. I fully understand that the Raygun is a lighter that has a lot of novelty to it and isn’t really geared toward cigar smokers, but I have to admit that while I was skeptical about the Raygun when I started using it, I came to like it. There is something fun about seeing people get caught off guard and smile when I pull it out and use it to light my cigar, and while I have some issues with the steps in the ignition process, it does work as well as pretty much any lighter I have used recently. Real Life "Ray Gun" Torch, the perfect accessory for your dabbing needs! This sleek and stylish torch is designed to resemble a futuristic ray gun, adding a touch of fun and excitement to your dabbing routine. All five Super Smash Bros. games have the "Ray Gun" item. Unlike some other energy weapons though, it only has limited ammo.

How to get the Ray Gun in COD Cold War's Zombies mode:

In Dead Ops Arcade 2, it acts similarly to the Dead Ops Arcade version but the rays do not bounce off walls. Body: Steady Aim Laser · Mounted Flashlight · SOF Target Designator · KGB Target Designator · SWAT 5mw Laser Sight · GRU 5mw Laser Sight · Tiger Team Spotlight · Ember Sighting Point

Gold in the Sky, the 1958 sci-fi thriller by Alan E. Nourse. The sons of an Asteroid Miner are investigating his death at the hands of an evil mining corporation. They assume he found a rich ore strike and was murdered for it. Halfway through the novel they remove Dad's ancient .44 revolver from its holster to defend themselves and discover it's a completely unfamiliar weapon not constructed for human hands, with no hole in the muzzle, yet it can burn a six-foot wide hole in half-inch steel plate. It's then they realise the stakes are way higher than illegal claim-jumping. Aside from the obvious example of the alien blaster, the Fallout series has a number of weapons resembling ray guns, such as the laser, plasma, Gauss, and (most especially) pulse guns.Also the laser gun used by Rance Burgess in "Heart of Gold". It's a sign of his wealth and status that he enjoys bragging about.

For the successors of the Ray Gun, see Ray Gun Mark II and GKZ-45 Mk3. " Where's this thing keep 160 rounds?" — "Tank" Dempsey " It's weird, but it works." — Frank Woods Acquire Waffle Weapons (25 /Silver ) - Obtain the Ray Gun, Wunderwaffe DG-2 and the Monkey Bomb at the same time in one game of Der Riese.

In "Going, Going, Gone", Sheldon Como and Vladimir Zukov try to hold off Wonder Woman with these as she assaults Como's submarine. They're hopelessly overmatched. Trigger Action: Match Grade Trigger · Heavy Duty Trigger · Lightweight Trigger · Heavyweight Double-Action · Lightweight Single-Action · Lightweight Double-Action The Feeling of Power": Technician Aub uses a protein-depolarizer on himself to commit suicide. The results aren't given in detail. Unlike in past games, it is impossible to see the player's left hand while holding the Ray Gun, even when setting the field of view on PC to the highest value. Averted with most weapons in the Mass Effect series, which fire tiny kinetic projectiles at superfast velocities. A few exceptions do appear, however, such as the Collector's particle beam weapon, along with the geth's plasma shotgun and pulse rifle.

Story: Fly Trap · Casimir Mechanism · Stand-in · Ensemble Cast · Time Travel Will Tell · Richtofen's Grand Scheme · Tower of Babble · High Maintenance · Pop Goes the Weasel/ No One Escapes Alive · Mined Games · Little Lost Girl · Apocalypse Averted · My Brother's Keeper · Seeds of Doubt · Love and War · For The Good Of All · A Better Tomorrow · Abandon Ship · Venerated Warrior · Most Escape Alive · Cold War Remedy · Trial by Ordeal · Greek Tragedy · Electromagnetic Awakening Party · Salvation Lies Above · Seal the Deal · Maxis Potential · Ravenov Implications · Entrapment · Tin Man Heart · Pyrrhic Victory · Heads Up! · There Archon Be Only One In one book they use "atomic ray guns" that apparently boil the blood of any organic thing hit until it explodes. In Orphan (2018), the boy finds a ray gun that he can wield as a weapon against the alien invaders.The most common weapon in Valhalla is the microwave gun, which as the name suggests, is a gun that fires microwave beams. Described as having invisible beams and making no sound, this stands as somewhat of a subversion to the common ray gun trope. Tactical: Monkey Bomb · Gersh Device · Matryoshka Doll · Quantum Entanglement Device · Hell's Retriever · G-Strike · Li'l Arnie · Homunculus · Pegasus Strike · Samantha's Music Box The Porter's X2 Ray Gun gets its name from H. Porter, the scientist that was working on the next Ray Gun model. He was trying to reduce its peripheral damage and apparently succeeded if the Porter's X2 Ray Gun is genuinely the second generation model he created. H. Porter is a reference to Max Porter, the programmer that created the Ray Gun. Ray Gun · Wunderwaffe DG-2 · Thundergun · Winter's Howl · V-R11 · Scavenger · 31-79 JGb215 · Wave Gun · Sliquifier · Blundergat · Ray Gun Mark II · Paralyzer · Staff of Ice · Staff of Fire · Staff of Wind · Staff of Lightning · Apothicon Servant · Wrath of the Ancients · KT-4 · GKZ-45 Mk3 · Kraken · Death of Orion · Alistair's Folly · Savage Impaler · Hand of Gaia · Hand of Charon · Hand of Hemera · Hand of Ouranos · Tundra Gun · Wunderwaffe DG-Scharfschütze · Decompressive Isotopic Estrangement Machine · RAI K-84 · CBRS-S · Chrysalax · Decimator Shield · Scorcher

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