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50g Pure Senna Leaves | Natural Green Tea | Pure Sana Makki Leaves | Loose Tea. Packed in 25g re sealziplock Bags

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Wa awhayna ila musa an alqi casaka fa’iza hiya talaqqafu ma ya’fikoon. Fawaqaca al-haqqu wa batala ma kanu yacmaloon. Faghuliboo hunalika wanqalaboo saghireen. Wa ‘ulqiya as-saharatu sajideen. Qaloo ‘amanna birabbi l-calameen. Rabbi musa wa haroon. Senna is an active ingredient in many popular over-the-counter laxative medications, such as Ex-Lax and Nature’s Remedy. For most people, it will stimulate a bowel movement within 6–12 hours ( 2). Other potential uses

In the benefits of Sana Makki, digestion is one of the best benefits to be on the list. It is very effective and beneficial for those you face constipation or digestion problems. Moreover, it helps in providing relief from heartburn, nausea, gas, bloating, and burping. It is best to deal with digestive problems.Long-term senna tea intake may lead to laxative dependence, electrolyte disturbances, and liver damage. According to the Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology, it is not recommended to take Senna as the first course of action to relieve constipation. Many researchers think that the quality of evidence that supports the use of Senna to treat constipation is low. Keep in mind that there is no set dosage of Sana Makki to be used as a relief for constipation. Moreover, the long-term use of Sana Makki might be very safe. Learn more about other ways to relieve constipation. Sana Makki For Hemorrhoids

A raft of remedies have been tabled for this virus. As a lion's share of those infected are asymptomatic and don't require any treatment.So anyone who survives Covid-19 should not take it upon themselves to make such claims". Tree: dreams where you are climbing up and falling down, falling in general, being somewhere high, or in an airplane. Moreover, you add any citrus element or herbal element depending upon your choices. However, the Sana Makki combats with hair loss too. It volumizes the hair and gives the hair the desired definition. It Helps In Digestion: Contraindication: pregnancy, breastfeeding, small children. Interaction : hypoglycaemia use extended with certain drugs for the heart. This is why the more a person is “psychologically strong”, which means he has control over himself, on the environment and overcomes difficulties of life with serenity, the less he will be affected by the sorcery and the jinn, and vice versa.

Senna is basically a flowering plant belonging to the legume family Fabaceae. It bears yellow, white and pink flowers. This shrub has its origin in North Africa, the Middle East, and some parts of Asia. In Asia, it is mostly found in the temperate regions of India and China. It is considered a powerful laxative due to the presence of compounds called anthraquinones. The glycosides anthraquinone derivatives are known as senna glyvcosides or sennocides named after its genus senna. Several forms of these glycosides are referred to as A, B, C and D.

Senna contains compounds known as sennosides, which may be cathartic. They irritate the bowel walls, and stimulate evacuation. Frequent use is not recommended as it may become dependent to the system. Patient with spasmodic constipation, inflammatory conditions of the alimentary canal, fever, piles and menorrhagia should not take Senna. One of the leading benefits of Sana Makki is it prevents Coronavirus as it has elements that boost the immune system. Once, your immune system is boosted then there are fewer chances of infection. Moreover, if you regularly drink tea made with the leaves of Sana Makki then none could resist you to be a healthy person. Also, don’t waste your energy in useless stuff but do some exercise and learn how to stay physically active even in quarantine. Sanna Makki use against Corona Virus – A challenge by Uk based doctor Nazir Ahmed People having inflammatory bowel disease, intestinal ulcers, undiagnosed stomach pain must avoid this. Treatment Of Skin Infections: The anti-bacterial property of senna can help in treating dermatological or skin ailments. The paste made from senna leaves is effective in treating skin infections like acne as well as inflammatory conditions like eczema. Acetone and ethanol present in senna can fight microorganisms that cause acne. I would like to remind you that we are in an open field, on the midway between medicine and religion; all means are allowed as long as they comply with religion.

Benefits of Sana Makki:

Senna Medicinal Plant: Nutritional Value: The nutritional value of this herb has been explained in the table below. As evident from the table, it is devoid of calories and fat but a rich source of vitamin B. And between them and their desires, is placed a barrier, as was done in the past with their partisans: for they were indeed in suspicious (disquieting) doubt.

If you or any other person has a medical concern, you should consult with your health care provider or seek other professional medical treatment. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or emergency services immediately. It is not recommended to use Sana Makki powder for weight loss. 2. What is senna leaf tea good for?

How Sana Makki Helps To Prevent From Coronavirus?

Natural Highlighter: Senna is a great option to impart natural highlights of ash blonde or lighter shades to your hair. Unlike henna, it does not impart strong color when left for short periods. Besides, it does not impart a reddish color but more subtle shade. It contains an anthraquinone derivative called chrysophanic acid, which imparts a light yellow color. If you wish to add beautiful blonde or golden highlights to your hair, you can apply senna paste for long periods of time. Senna is used for treating constipation. The leaf causes the walls of your large intestine to contract, which will push stools through your system. Senna leaf is a natural anti-inflammatory substance. While this has general health benefits, it also makes senna useful in relieving some symptoms associated with hemorrhoids. The combination and application of these ingredients result from practitioners’ experience. This field is not limited: it is always possible to discover new solutions which are always needed or we can improve existing ones. The same way sorcerers invent new techniques to make their evil more efficient and more resistant to the usual treatments. It is practically impossible to have solutions for all problems; like in medicine, it is not possible to have cures for all illnesses. So we should not be surprised to see that all the practitioners in this field have different methods, even if they agree on principles. You know a healer is Islamic by the following: they do not tell you the future, they do not perform sorcery, they use Quran , they do not pronounce complex monologues and invokes no one but Allah, they do not make amulets to hang on you, and they recommend you invocations and religious deeds like prayer. In case of doubt, perform consultation prayer and ask Allah to correctly guide you. 2 The patient’s participation Tirmizi and Ibn Majah narrated that the Messenger of Allah Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam asked Asma Bint Umais Radi Allaho Anha, Sana Makki possesses antibacterial properties. Due to the presence of essential oils and tannins, it is beneficial for the skin and is used as a good treating agent for various skin irritation and infections like acne, eczema, pimples. In the past, it was used as a compress to relieve burns, wounds, and ringworms. Sana Makki boosts your immunity which in turn helps you to fight various infectious skin diseases.

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