Have you been the victim of a violent assault?Ai?? Have you been injured?

Did you know that you could claim compensation?
If you have been injured as a result of a violent crime you may be entitled to compensation under the Governmentai??i??s Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. The scheme is administered by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) and is aimed at compensating victims of crime.
Crime statistics for the year June 2011 to June 2012 show that 9.1 million crimes were reported in England and Wales. Of these around 4 million were violent offences against individuals. The injuries sustained by victims range from minor grazing, severe bruising to multiple fractures and wounding.
The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority aims to provide compensation to victims of violent crime. It recognises the pain and suffering victims go through and gives them some financial support that may help them to move on.
Examples of attacks where you may be eligible to claim criminal injuries compensation include:
  • You have been assaulted (physical or sexual);
  • Wounding;
  • Where you were injured as a direct result of a crime of arson;
  • Where there was a deliberate attempt to poison you;
  • Where an animal was deliberately set on you with the intent of causing you injury;
  • Where someone deliberately ran you down with a vehicle (this does not include where you were injured because of an accident);
Personal injury, What does this Mean?
For the purposes of the scheme a personal injury is:
  • physical injury (including a fatal injury);
  • sexual abuse/assault;
  • mental injury; (MUST be confirmed by diagnosis or prognosis of psychiatrist or clinical psychologist)
  • mental or physical disease that is directly related to a crime of violence;
Can I make a claim for the injuries I have sustained?
In order for your claim to be successful the injuries that you sustain must at the least be valued at A?1000 in accordance with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.
Your claim is therefore unlikely not to succeed if the injuries you have consist of bruising, lumps and bumps, grazing, minor cuts or grazes or a broken nose or where the injury you have sustained is temporary.
Injuries where your claim for compensation is likely to succeed include the following?
Please note that the list below is not comprehensive, it does not include every head under which compensation can be claimed. Ai??
  • Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai?? Burns
A claim can be made for burns: affecting multiple areas of body, including covering over 25% of total skin area. Claims can also be made for peripheral sensory nerve damage.
  • Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai?? Mental Injury
Mental injury does not include temporary mental anxiety and similar temporary conditions.
For a claim for mental Injury it must be disabling in that it has a substantial adverse effect on your Ai??ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities for the time specified (e.g. impaired work or school performance or effects on social relationships or sexual dysfunction). Ai??In order to succeed in a claim for compensation the condition must last at least 6 weeks and it MUST be confirmed by diagnosis or prognosis of psychiatrist or clinical psychologist.
  • Ai?? Brain Damage
A brain injury can cause physical or mental damage, resulting in, for example, loss of muscle or nerve control, loss of balance, incontinence, or impairment of concentration, memory, motivation or personality. It can also commonly cause epilepsy, to a greater or lesser extent.
Where the cause of any injury is brain damage there will not be additional awards for separate injuries but the seriousness of the combined effects will be measured together. A serious brain injury shall always warrant compensation.
In respect of Minor head injuries for example where you have received one or more of concussion and or have had impairment of balance or headaches in order for a claim to succeed the condition must last for at least 28 weeks.
Below is a List of Injuries where a Claim for Compensation is HIGHLY likely to succeed;
  • Ear/s damaged causing partial or permanent damage to hearing, including ringing in ears.
  • Eye/s damage causing partial or permanent damage to sight.
  • Leg/s damage from minor damage can be claimed where there has been damage to one or more of tendon, ligament or cartilage,Ai?? aAi?? fractures or where you have lost your leg/s
  • Face damage resulting in permanent clicking, dislocated jaw or fractured jaw bone.
  • Neck damage resulting in strained neck or whiplash injury.
  • Nose damage which has resulted in the partial or permanent loss of smell.
  • Skull damage ranging from simple fracture to where an operation is required.
  • Teeth/Tooth damage where there has been damage to one or more front teeth requiring crowns or surgery. Compensation can also be claimed for loss of one or more teeth.
  • Tongue damage where it has resulted in moderate, serious or severe impairment of speech. Also where the damage has resulted in loss of tongue or loss of speech permanently.
  • Arm/s damage resulting in loss of function of arm/s, also if arm has been fractured.
  • Elbow damage if fractured, dislocated or if damage to one or more tendon, ligament or cartilage.
  • Finger & Thumbs if fractured, dislocated or where finger/s have been lost or where the damage has caused a disability in the way your hands function.
  • Hand damage if fractured or you lose the function of your hand including permanent or serious impairment to your grip.
  • Shoulder damage if fractured, dislocated or if damage to one or more tendon, ligament or cartilage.
  • Sexual Offences, including period of abuse and rape.
  • Wrist if fractured, dislocated or if damage to one or more tendon, ligament or cartilage. Where wrist is sprained it must have a disabling impact for at least 13 weeks for a claim to be successful.
  • Back if fractured, dislocated or if damage to one or more tendon, ligament or cartilage.
  • Ankle if fractured, dislocated or if damage to one or more tendon, ligament or cartilage. If ankle is sprained must be disabling for at least 13 weeks in order to qualify for compensation.
  • Foot damage if fractured, dislocated or if damage to one or more tendon, ligament or cartilage.
  • Hip damage if fractured, dislocated or if damage to one or more tendon, ligament or cartilage.
  • Knees if fractured, dislocated or if damage to one or more tendon, ligament or cartilage.
  • Legs if lost, fractured, dislocated or if damage to one or more tendon, ligament or cartilage.
  • Toe if fractured, dislocated or lost.
  • Damage to Lungs, Kidney, Pancreas, pelvis and spleen will give rise to a claim.
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For your application to succeed it must be established that;
  • You have been injured seriously enough to qualify for at least the minimum compensation award (A?1,000). We shall assess the value of your claim for you.
  • You attended a hospital and or your GP doctor for your injuries.
  • You were injured in an act of violence in England, Scotland or Wales. An offender does not necessarily have to have been convicted of, or even charged with that crime.
  • You have made your application within two years of the incident that caused your injury. (The CICAAi??might accept applications outside this limit if in your particular case it wasn’t reasonable for an application form to have been submitted within two years of the incident and there would still be enough evidence for the CICA to consider.)
  • You reported the matter to the police without delay and have co-operated with any prosecution which arose as a result.
The CICA may refuse or reduce an award of compensation because of your behaviour before, during or after the incident in which you were injured, it may do so because of your criminal record or if you have failed to co-operate with the police or because of your delay in informing the incident to the police or other appropriate authority. It is therefore important that you report the incident promptly and fully co-operate with the police during their investigation.
Can I Claim if I have aAi?? Criminal Record?
If at the time of your claim you have an unspent conviction the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board will not pay any compensation to you.
Unspent convictions are Governed by the Rehabilitation Act (as amended by the Legal Aid & Punishment of Offenders Act 2012)
If you have previous convictions that are not spent you shall have to wait until they are before you can make a claim. This may mean that you cannot make a claim because you have to make a claim for compensation within 2 years of the incident. Contact us to find out if your previous convictions are spent.
How Much Compensation Can I Get?
This depends on the type and seriousness of your injury. The level of compensation awarded can range from A?1,000 to A?250,000.
You may be entitled to make a claim where you did not get one single injury that is serious enough for a A?1,000 minimum award.
At Bains & Co Solicitors what we do is provide legal advice and assistance to victims of crime. We are Criminal Injury Compensation Specialist. We shall guide you through the claims process and ensure that you are compensated for your injuries.
Under a Government Scheme thousands of pounds of compensation is paid out every year to blameless victims of crime. For the year 2013 to 2014 the government paid out *A?242.9 million pounds in compensation.
Ai??Many victims have NOT claimed Ai??the compensation that they deserve for the injuries they have sustained. Are YOU one of them?
Are you a blameless victim of crime?
Do you want to be compensated for the pain and suffering you endured through no fault of yours?
Do you want to receive thousands of pounds?. Ai??
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