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Have you recently sustained an injury through no fault of your own that is having a direct impact on the way you are living your life?
We will help you make a claim for compensation.
When you are injured and it is not your fault it can leave you feeling worried and in doubt.
The headaches can roll in as the pain escalates and the costs increase.
Income loss can take its toll, along with the burden of trying to find a helpful soul.
But that is where we can step in to arrange the medical support that you need.
We are personal injury solicitors. Our service is aimed at getting you the compensation that you deserve and arranging the medical support that you need.

No Win No Fee

We offer a no win, no fee arrangement to fund your case.
In any circumstances where you have sustained an injury through no fault of your own you are entitled to make a compensation claim – and you have every right to lodge this claim if you feel that your injuries have had a direct impact on the way that you live your life.
Injuries can occur in a number of different situations, but some examples of where you might consider making a claim include:
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Accidents on a construction site
  • Accidents in the workplace
  • Injuries sustained on a bicycle or motorcycle
  • Injuries sustained through trips, slips and falls.
If you do find yourself the victim in these circumstances you can make a  claim for compensation including:
  • Compensation for medical costs, rehabilitation and physiotherapy that you might require
  • Compensation for the  pain and suffering that you have been through and
  • Compensation for any loss of earnings that you have incurred or the potential loss of income that you would have earned in the future but are not able to do so because of your injuries.
How to Make a Claim?
In order to make a claim what you need to do is contact us. You can call Free on 0800 077 6303 or you can complete the online enquiry form.
Once we have received your enquiry we will assess the initial information you gave us and contact you to discuss your claim in more detail.
How much does it Cost?
At Bains & Co Solicitors we are upfront and transparent about costs we offer a no win, no fee arrangement to fund your case. This means that only if we win your case will you be required to pay us our fees and disbursements (eg if you take out an insurance policy to protect yourself). If you win you will get at the very least 75 % of the compensation. If you lose your claim you do not have to pay for anything. This includes not having to pay for disbursements.
How Long Does It Take to Make a Claim?
How long do accident claims take is a question frequently asked by our clients. The length of time claims can take vary from case to case depending on a number of factors. We have resolved cases within 4 months, (these are usually straight forward cases where minor injury is caused and liability is promptly accepted by the party that is at fault for causing the injury), others cases have been resolved within 12 months but others have taken a lot longer.
What you have to remember is a number of organisations have to be contacted to verify that your claim is genuine furthermore, the full extent of your injuries and there impact on you and your standard of living has to be assessed and established by independent experts to ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve.
Your case is likely to take longer if the person, organisation or company who is at fault deny that they are. This can and does involve taking the party to court. Should liability be accepted there is no need to to take court action to resolve the issue of liability.
The more complex and serious your injuries are the more time it can take.
To determine if you have a claim and establish the full extent of your injuries a number of investigations have to be made for instance:
* hospital and or your GP records where applicable would have to be obtained,
* if you are still receiving ongoing medical treatment, medical reports on the length of recovery may have to be obtained,
* depending on the nature of your injuries independent medical expert reports may have to be obtained to determine the full extent of your injuries and the impact they would have on you and your standard of living. For instance complex spinal injuries.
* If you are also the owner of the vehicle involved in an accident, assessments of the damage and likely costs have to be looked into.
* If you have incurred any other losses such as lost wages because you have taken time of work, cost of hiring a vehicle, cost of storage etc all this has to be investigated assessed and looked into.
Therefore how long do accident claims take does depend on the personal circumstances of your case as well as whether or not liability is admitted by the other party.
How can you help me with Rehabilitation and Support?
At Bains & Co Solicitors we can make arrangements for you to access rehabilitation to help you to recover from your injuries.
We understand that rehabilitation and support is just as important as financial compensation.
What is No Win No Fee?
No Win No Fee means only if we Win Your Claim will we charge you a fee, if we Do Not Win your case then you do not have to pay for anything. If we do win your case you shall at the very least get 75% of the Compensation.
What is the Claims Process?
We have broken the claims process down into stages please refer to stages below.
  1. We first review the information that you have provided us either online or by telephone.
  2. The next stage would be that you would be contacted by a solicitor who would ask you questions about your claim and answer any questions you may have.
  3. We would then investigate your case, this would involve getting detail information from you about what happened leading up to the accident. Generally in order to be entitled to compensation your accident must have occurred within 3 years from the time of your claim. At this stage we may in addition to any other information that we seek, have to obtain photos, witness statements from people who saw the accident and accident reports from the police if you were involved in road traffic accident or reports from your employer if the accident you had was at your work place.
  4. Once we have received this information we would determine who was at fault.
  5. If you were not at fault we would contact the other side seeking compensation on your behalf.
  6. The other side would then have an opportunity to review and assess the information we have sent them. They will then tell us whether or not they accept liability.
  7. If liability is accepted we would instruct a medical expert to examine your injuries.
  8. We would then examine the medical report which we shall use to negotiate compensation on your behalf. We would also obtain information about any other losses you have incurred as a result of being injured.
  9. Once an agreement has been reached with the other side you will receive a cheque for the compensation you are entitled to.
What Must I Prove to Win Compensation?
It is important to recognise that even in what appears to be the simplest of accidents it is not always possible to establish that someone was at fault. 
The purpose of investigating your claim is to look at who is to blame and why. In a nutshell evidence will have to be collected and provided which shows that you were not at fault. 
This may involve collecting evidence such as statements from you, statements from witnesses, documents and official reports (for example, from the police if you were injured in a road traffic accident).
Remember – the most important witness is you! If your claim is going forward, in addition to the medical evidence, we will require information from you and may wish to see you to take a statement. Be sure that you have recorded all the details of your accident or injury and provide us with as much information as possible. 
If you have witnesses to support your claim make sure they are willing to provide a statement to us along with their contact details. Warn them that the solicitor will be getting in touch with them. 
People do not always reply promptly and there are often delays in the releasing of reports or in responses from potential witnesses. You will therefore appreciate that investigations can take several months to complete, particularly if we need to obtain official reports. 
It is also important to retain receipts for any expenses you may incur which, but for the accident, you would not have had. These will assist us in trying to reclaim these expenses as part of your settlement.
If you have had an accident in the last 3 years and it is not your fault contact us on Freephone: 0800 077 6303 or Email us at or alternatively make a free, no obligation enquiry online, we will be in touch with you soon. The enquiry service is Free so you have nothing to worry about. We are here to help you 7 days a week.