How long do criminal injury claims take is a question frequently asked by our clients. The length of time claims can take vary from case to case depending on a number of factors. We have resolved cases within 6 to 12 months,Ai?? others cases have taken a lot longer. Especially where they are complicated or the matter has to be resolved in a tribunal.
What you have to remember is a number of organisations have to be contacted to verify that your claim is genuine furthermore, the full extent of your injuries and there impact on you and your standard of living has to be assessed and established by independent experts to ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve.
The more complex and serious your injuries are the more time it can take.
To determine if you have a genuine claim and establish the full extent of your injuries a number of investigations have to be made for instance:
* hospital and or your GP records where applicable would have to be obtained,
* if you are still receiving ongoing medical treatment, medical reports on the length of recovery may have to be obtained,
* depending on the nature of your injuries independent medical expert reports may have to be obtained to determine the full extent of your injuries and the impact they would have on you and your standard of living. For instance complex spinal injuries.
* If you have incurred any other losses such as lost wages (the first 6 months cannot be claimed for criminal injuries compensation) because you have taken time of work, all this has to be investigated assessed and looked into.
Therefore how long do accident claims take does depend on the personal circumstances of your case as well as whether or not you have fully recovered and whether or not you have incuured other losses for which you can claim, but which need to be fully investigated.
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